Stress-Free Living: 12 weeks Program

Embark on Your Personalized Journey with the Stress-Free Living: 12-Week Program

12 week Program: 12 Individual Sessions, Online

Are you tired of feeling burned out and overwhelmed?

Our Stress-Free Living: 12 week program is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Our Stress-Free Living program, meticulously designed by Joelle, a seasoned psycho-practitioner is a sanctuary for those seeking relief from the clutches of burnout and overwhelming stress.


Personalized Path to Well-Being

  • Initial Assessment: In the first sessions, we map your stress landscape, identifying key areas that need attention.
  • Vision and Goal Setting: Together, we craft a vision of your stress-free life, setting tangible SMART goals and connecting them with powerful emotional ‘whys’ to fuel your journey.
  • Diverse Techniques for Holistic Healing: Dive into a mix of self-care routines, movement, and reflective exercises. Joelle employs a range of methodologies, including EFT, EMDR, Hypnosis, CBT, and NLP, adapting to your evolving needs.


A Program Tailored Just for You 

Each session is a step forward in your unique path. Experience a blend of emotional release, physical rejuvenation, and mental clarity, culminating in a lifestyle change that resonates with your inner self.


Transformative Outcomes

  • Enhance emotional well-being and resilience to stress.
  • Improve physical health through integrated self-care practices.
  • Achieve your goals with renewed focus and energy.
  • Foster meaningful relationships and heightened self-awareness.
  • Equip yourself with tools to handle future challenges confidently.

Invest in Your Journey 

Join us for €1200 in this premium, individual-focused program. Start with a complimentary discovery session to see how this personalized approach can reshape your life.


You need further information before making your decision, no problem, click here to check out Joelle’s story and credentials.